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We have the very best deals in stock and on order if you are a retailer or wholesaler.

Are you looking for a specific brand? – Then no problem! We are affiliated with the largest fashion brand manufacturers in Europe.

The products we supply to you are of high quality and carefully selected by our professional purchasing team. We guarantee that our clients will purchase the latest collection, the best quality, the most popular brands and individual offers with the best prices on the market.


We offer a wide range of assortment of carpets for floors, hotels and offices.
Carpets are the ideal material to add a unique style and modernity to your space. The motifs of the rugs are endless and the craftsmanship with which the rug is woven is superb. All this makes these rugs a bright center of your interior. We will give responsible and competent advice to all questions that arise.

Our large assortment allows you to choose a carpet that is perfect for your room. Most modern hand-woven rugs are woven in India from high quality wool, which gives them a unique softness and beauty.

A real rug is actually a good investment, as it will last for many years.

Office furniture

We offer ergonomic office furniture from the best and most reliable manufacturers in Europe with a guarantee. Stylishness and convenience are the main characteristics of good office furniture.

Our assortment is diverse:

  • Writing and computer tables
  • Office chairs
  • Office shelves
  • Office cabinets
  • Functional chests of drawers
  • Meeting tables.

luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

We offer a range of future generations of Luxury vinil tiles. Sustainable Manufacturing offers very easy to maintain and install flooring solutions that stand out for their unique design, comfort and performance.
We guarantee the quality of the luxury indoor vinyl flooring brands created by the market leader in LVT flooring.
Ideal for home use, LVT flooring is an easy-care solution that resists both abrasion and stains. Achieve the best floor look with our wide range of luxury wood and stone vinyl tiles at great prices

Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint is one of the most reliable and durable paints available on the market today. It’s also a great choice if you want to add some shine to your floors. Epoxy paint can act as a sealant on cement floors and is usually applied to floors in garages or basements.

Our epoxy paint can also act as a sealant on cement floors and is usually applied to garage or basement floors.

Epoxy paint is one of the toughest and most durable paints and varnishes. It’s also a great choice if you want to add a little shine to your floors. Epoxy paint can also act as a sealant. If you are looking for a hard-wearing, easy-care floor with a beautiful glossy surface, then our epoxy floor paint is for you.


We provide comprehensive solutions in creating design for our customers in various areas, including interior, spaces, and for digital marketing purposes like social media accounts.

Digital Marketing Design: In the era of social media and online marketing, having captivating and well-designed visuals is crucial for engaging audiences and promoting businesses effectively. You can provide design solutions specifically tailored for digital marketing purposes, including creating visual content for social media accounts, designing banners or ads for websites, creating infographics or illustrations, and developing branding elements such as logos or digital style guides. Your focus would be on creating eye-catching designs that align with your clients’ brand identity and attract attention in the digital space.





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